Was Benjamin Franklin A Serial Killer

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Was Benjamin Franklin a serial killer





was benjamin franklin a serial killer
was benjamin franklin a serial killer







Construction work began at 36 Craven Street in 1998 to transform the building into a museum honoring Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States. However, the project was halted when a worker found skeletal remains, including over 1,200 bones belonging to people of all ages, children, and at least one infant. The project was also disrupted by the discovery of a turtle and other animals.






Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of America, was not a mass murderer, but he kept a secret. Experts found clean cuts in his bones, confirming they were dismembered after death. A turtle found containing mercury was linked to the bones, which were linked to William Hewson, anatomist and father of hematology. Hewson’s famous experiment involved injecting a dead turtle with mercury, documenting its lymphatic system, and revealing that animals and humans share a similar lymphatic system.






William Hewson, a brilliant surgeon, advanced surgery and medical practice but faced legal challenges due to religious fears. Autopsies were illegal for non-executed criminals, as an intact body was difficult to pass into the next chapter after death. This led to aspiring anatomists and early medical practitioners resorting to buying stolen bodies from body snatchers, who robbed graves and even murdered people to profit off their corpses. This unethical method was necessary for gaining a clearer understanding of the human body.





During desperate times in science, Benjamin Franklin, a supporter of scientific pursuits and an enthusiast of human anatomy, allowed his friend Hewson to run a secret and illegal anatomy school in his basement.






Benjamin Franklin, a rebel of his time, allowed stolen bodies to be smuggled into his residence and turned a blind eye to multiple crimes. He created a space for medical knowledge to progress, eventually saving lives.



His basement anatomy school resembled a house of horrors, but it demonstrates that history has many secrets and that anything remotely interesting about history is censored from high school textbooks.




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