Fart Proudly Benjamin Franklin

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Fart Proudly Benjamin Franklin




Fart Proudly Benjamin Franklin
Fart Proudly Benjamin Franklin









Fart Proudly, a letter written by Benjamin Franklin to the Royal Academy about farting, is a popular example of flatulence humor, highlighting the importance of addressing flatulence in the academic world.




“A Letter to a Royal Academy” was written in response to a call for scientific papers from the Royal Academy of Brussels, reflecting Franklin’s belief in the increasing pretentiousness and impracticality of European academic societies. Franklin proposed research and practical reasoning to improve the odor of human flatulence.




The essay, never submitted, was sent as a letter to Richard Price, a Welsh philosopher and Unitarian minister in England, with whom Franklin had a correspondence.




The author proposes a mathematical Prize Question for consideration, focusing on the concept of wind in human digestion. They argue that allowing wind to escape and mix with the atmosphere is often offensive due to the fetid smell.




To avoid this, they suggest that well-bred people restrain the efforts of nature to discharge wind, as it is a natural process that humans create or produce in their bowels. The question is intended for the serious Inquiry of learned Physicians and Chemists in this enlightened Age.




The essay explores the impact of different foods on flatulence odor and proposes scientific testing of farting. Franklin suggests developing a wholesome drug that can be mixed with common foods or sauces to make flatulence inoffensive and agreeable. The essay ends with a pun, stating that other sciences are “scarcely worth a FART-HING” compared to its practical applications.




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