Benjamin Franklin Networth / Why was Ben Franklin so rich?

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Benjamin Franklin Networth



Benjamin Franklin Networth
Benjamin Franklin Networth







Today in the post we will know how much wealth Benjamin Franklin had at the time of his death.


When Benjamin Franklin died, there was debate about the extent of his wealth and it was believed that Benjamin Franklin was a rich man.



According to a ranking book published in 1996, Benjamin Franklin was considered the richest American man in that half-decade in 1785.


At that time Benjamin Franklin’s total wealth would be around $11 million dollars today and at the time of Benjamin Franklin, it was $350000.



Why was Ben Franklin so rich?




Benjamin Franklin became one of the most successful printers and newspaper editors in Philadelphia, the leading city of the colonies, by publishing the Pennsylvania Gazette at the age of 23.



Benjamin Franklin became a wealthy man by publishing Poor Richard’s Almanac, which Benjamin Franklin wrote under the pseudonym “Richard Saunders”.


Was Benjamin Franklin rich or poor?




In 1723, Franklin arrived in Philadelphia with little money, but over two decades, he became a wealthy print shop owner, land speculator, and publisher of “Poor Richard’s Almanack.”




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