Benjamin Franklin Education

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benjamin franklin education
benjamin franklin education

Benjamin Franklin Education












Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790) a founding father of the United States, was a polymath and influential figure in science, politics, and literature. Despite lacking a formal education, he self-educated through his experiences and reading, demonstrating that anyone can learn from various life experiences.




Early Education





Benjamin Franklin, a candlemaker, and soapmaker, was educated by his father, Josiah Franklin. At 8, he attended Boston Latin School, the first public school in the US, and excelled. He later transferred to George Brownell’s English School to learn grammar and composition.




Benjamin excelled in writing but struggled with arithmetic. His parents wanted him to enter the clergy, but his father couldn’t afford tuition at ten, so he dropped out of school to help with the family business.









At 12 years old, Benjamin apprenticed with his brother James, a printer, and learned the trade. James founded the New England Courant three years later, and Benjamin asked his brother for a chance to write a letter for the paper.





James refused, so Benjamin took on the pseudonym of “Silence Dogood” and began writing letters to the Courant. These letters were published without James’ knowledge, sparking conversations around town. Both Benjamin and James were advocates of free speech, but James was jailed for publishing offensive material.




Benjamin took over the Courant while James was in jail and continued advocating for free speech. At 17, he left his apprenticeship and moved to Philadelphia without his brother’s permission.




Franklin’s Views on Education




Franklin, a prominent figure in American history, was a self-taught individual who dedicated his life to education. He founded the Junto, a group for mutual improvement, and published essays on politics, religion, and education. In 1749, he authored a pamphlet titled “Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania,” advocating for a more comprehensive and publicly-funded education system.





Franklin believed that education was crucial for individuals and society, as educated citizens were more productive and law-abiding. He emphasized the importance of self-improvement and continual learning, ensuring that every person, regardless of social status, had access to quality education.






Benjamin Franklin’s achievements are a testament to the power of self-improvement and learning from experience. He was awarded honorary Master of Arts degrees from Harvard and Yale in 1753 and the College of William & Mary in 1756. His achievements serve as a testament to the power of self-improvement and learning from experience.





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