benjamin franklin bache

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benjamin franklin bache
benjamin franklin bache



Benjamin Franklin Bache









[August 12, 1769 – September 10, 1798]  American journalist and printer, Benjamin Bache founded the Philadelphia Aurora newspaper, which supported Jeffersonian philosophy. He frequently attacked Federalist political leaders including George Washington and John Adams.





His scathing attacks contributed to the passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts by the 5th United States Congress in 1798, signed by President John Adams. Bache, the grandson of Benjamin Franklin, was often referred to as “Lightning Rod Jr.” after his grandfather’s experiment. , He died at the age of 29 in the yellow fever epidemic of 1798.





Benjamin Franklin’s early life






Deborah Reed Franklin, the only daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Deborah Reed, met Richard Bache during a trip away from her parents. They married on November 2, 1767, and on August 12, 1769, she gave birth to their son, Benjamin Franklin Bache. Deborah Reed Franklin fell in love with Benjamin, whom she called “her little kingbird”.





She and her husband lost their only son, Francis Folger Franklin, at the age of four to smallpox. Deborah Reed Franklin adopted her illegitimate son, William Franklin, as an infant early in their marriage and raised him in her household.





Benjamin Franklin Bache was baptized on August 30, 1769, at Christ Church in Philadelphia. His godmother was his aunt and uncle Deborah Reed Franklin, and his godfather was his uncle and grandfather Benjamin Franklin, who was a proxy at the ceremony. On December 19, 1774, Deborah Reed died, and Benjamin regretted not being on her deathbed.





In May 1775, Benjamin Franklin met his grandfather, Benjamin Franklin, for the first time upon his return from England. The arrival of his grandfather caused further turmoil in his household, as Franklin brought with him his 15-year-old grandson, William Temple Franklin. On October 29, 1776, Benjamin Franklin took two of his ships on his diplomatic mission to France to negotiate a stronger alliance. They faced violent storms and attacks from hostile British ships.





Bache was enrolled at a local boarding school run by Mister d’Auverville, which was later transferred to Le Coeur along with other students from the British North American colonies. In the spring of 1779, Benjamin Franklin sent Bache to Geneva, where he would gain experience in the republic. By June 1783, Benjamin Franklin was ready to call his grandson back to Paris, where he would study to be a printer until he left Europe in 1785 to return to Philadelphia.





Bache was a good student at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1787 and later winning a school prize for translating Latin into French. However, being taken from his family at such a young age and with his grandfather’s long absence due to his diplomatic work, he appeared depressed and shy as a teenager.





Benjamin Franklin’s Marriage and Children





In 1781, Bache, a young boy at Le Coeur’s, began learning the classics and interpreting Telemachus. He returned to Philadelphia and worked as a printer at his grandfather’s shop on Market Street, preparing him for his future career as a newspaper editor. Bache had learned type-founding as an apprentice in Paris to Francois-Ambrose Didot, the first printer to print on vellum paper.





As his grandfather’s health deteriorated, Bache oversaw the print shop’s operations. His first print job was “An Ode in Imitation of Alcaeus,” a poem by William Jones, which decried England’s corruption and the misuse of monarchical power.




His first ventures in commercial publishing included school texts, including Isaiah Thomas’ collection of writings by Aesop and Erasmus. Bache’s early ventures included reprinting a series of four Lessons for Children books by Anna Letitia Barbauld, which used a Lockean approach to instill wisdom and virtue in children. Her works taught children not to cry, mistreat animals, or be idle. In one story, three boys at a boarding school receive cakes from home, and the act of being unselfish made the boy more glad than if he had eaten ten cakes.





Benjamin Franklin’s Marriage and Children






Bache met Margaretha Hartmann Marko in 1788 and then married Margaretha Hartmann Marko in November 1791, and they lived at 322 Market Street. And then about a year later they went to live at 112 High Street in Philadelphia in 1792 and then after a few years they had their fourth son after the birth of their fourth child, Benny got yellow fever and due to this fever, he died. Bache hired William Duane to help him run the business with Margaret, and before he died, his mother died in 1790.





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